Magic People, Voodoo People the Prodigy once sung. Yes, it's luxary PC manufacturer Voodoo with another bling laptop.

Outrageously expensive, eccentric, yet brilliant PC manufacturer Voodoo has slipped another of its tasty “Pimped” looking laptops into the world.


Details are still a little thin on the ground, but the ENVY m:515 will be a Centrino (Sonoma) (or Centrino 2 as Intel frustratingly refuses to call it) based machine with all the inherent qualities that brings: faster bus speed, faster memory and boosted wireless performance. It also heralds a move to PCI Express, DDR2 memory and SATA hard drives.

Incredibly, the company does not list a single specific component (excluding the Sonoma chipset base obviously) but positions the m:515 among its thin and light range (traditionally with Voodoo laptops this would suggest the machine weighs around the 2.5kg mark).


Given that each Voodoo machine is “built” online by the customer (where they can specify everything down to the colour and optional lid tattoo) it is perhaps being understandably vague. For suspicious customers it is worth bearing in mind Voodoo has built its reputation on pushing the envelope (think overclocked graphics cards and technical fiddling) so expect even base systems to be very quick. Being hand built, design quality is also excellent.

Consequently, Voodoo PCs attract a cult following of gaming enthusiasts and laptop aficionados so – despite the shadows surrounding the new machine and a starting price of $2800 (for UK customers it prices in euros but – you guessed it – Voodoo has not specified that yet) – still expect the m:515 to fly off its virtual shelves when released in the next few weeks.

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