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Magellan: You’re going to have multiple watches not one smartwatch

Forget the idea of having a single smartwatch to cover all functionality, industry specialist Magellan has suggested consumers will soon become reliant on multiple watches.

As the market looks increasingly to the promise of an all-encompassing smartwatch to replace your standard timepiece, fitness watch maker Magellan has claimed that this notion is not where the future will actually lead.

You’ve got this desire from people to have this one watch to rule them all concept but I don’t believe that there will be,” Clark Weber, Magellan’s Senior Director of Wearable Technology said speaking with TrustedReviews.

He added: “I think you’re going to have multiple watches that you wear during the day.”

Although speaking to promote the company’s latest offering, the sports and fitness tracking Magellan Echo, Weber has suggested he does not anticipate users will stick exclusively with his company’s, or any other manufactuer’s single smartwatch throughout the day.

“I can see a day where – even as the person who builds these watches – I’m not going to wear my Echo all day long,” he told us.

“I may wear the Samsung Galaxy Gear or if Apple comes out with its iWatch, or when Google comes out with its watch, we know that’s all going to happen.

“That may be my everyday watch that’s connected to my phone but then when I do out for a run or I go out skiing I’m going to switch over to something that is more tailored to that particular experience.”

With the recent confirmation of Google’s Android Wear initiative and a deeper push to bring app-support to wearables, Weber’s predictions go somewhat against the grain.

As well as claiming users will come to rely on multiple different smartwatches during their day, the wearables director has suggested that consumers are also become more demanding, with design being targeted as a key area in need of improvement.

“A watch is fashion; it’s about comfort and being a representation of who I am,” Weber said in stating users are becoming tired of bulky, industrial smartwatch designs.

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