MacBook Pros Ship With Speed Boost

Faster CPUs to be fitted across the range as standard.

The MacBook Pro, lousy name apart, promises to be a nice addition to the Apple range but customers will get an unexpected bonus if they go to the shops for their launch today.


Proving that the IT industry moves at a ridiculously fast rate, the white obsessed feline fetishist has kindly decided to upgrade its MacBook Pros prior to release.

The $1,999 MacBook, which was previously specified with a 1.67GHz Intel Core Duo processor, now gets a speed bump to 1.87GHz, while the $2,500 model jumps its 1.83GHz cores to 2.0GHz There are no extra costs for these improvements and a flagship 2.16GHz CPU is now available as an optional extra. I can’t see anyone complaining about these developments unless they pre-ordered one of the slower models, but Apple says it will upgrade the customers that call them (Hit those phones, guys).

What is the motivating factor in upgrading a product yet to be launched? It could have simply emerged from the gentle kindness of the company’s white corporate heart, or it could be a further crafty marketing trick to hype the latest Apple/Intel product launch. Debates aside, it’s free speed so who cares?!


There seems to be a case of the pleasure/pain principle on show here (don’t tell me you’ve never heard of/enjoyed it?!). While faster chips certainly are coming all round Apple has rather more quietly whispered that it will cause delays too. How long? 3-4 weeks for newly ordered machines. Mustn’t grumble…

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