MacBook Air with Retina display may slip to 2015

We may have to wait even longer for the launch of a MacBook Air with Retina display, according to fresh reports from Taiwan.

Hints and rumours of a super-sharp compact MacBook have been circulating for years now, but they seemed to be crystallising on a final product.

All signs seemed to be pointing to the launch of a 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina display some time in the autumn, with production set to start during the third quarter.

However, according to Taiwan’s Economic Daily, Apple’s plans have been thwarted by production issues. It seems as if it’s not the company’s fault, either.

The report claims that there’s a shortage of Intel’s new Broadwell processor, which will be a core component of the new MacBook Air. Built on a minuscule 14-nanometer process, its superior energy efficiency should serve to offset the extra power draw from that higher resolution screen.

The result of this component shortage means that the MacBook Air with Retina display will ship towards the end of the third quarter at best. It’s quite possible that it will slip into early 2015.

That doesn’t mean that we’ll be left without a proper 2014 MacBook Air revamp, however. According to the same source, new 11-inch and 13-inch models will enter production next month, meaning they’ll likely arrive in Q3.

Those waiting for a genuine advancement to the popular MacBook Air range will likely have to wait a little longer, it seems.

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Via: MacRumours