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Mac vs PC? Google savages Apple and Microsoft in new Chromebook ad

Google has launched a blistering offensive against Windows and Mac, with a new commercial designed to point out the respective ease of owning a Chromebook laptop.

The minute-long clip runs through a list of error messages, crashing programs, spinning beach balls and endless hour glasses sometimes encountered by users of Microsoft and Apple-based computers. It even dips into history and serves up the old Blue Screen of Death that troubled PCs in the pre-Windows 10 era.

The ad literally blasts you with error messages before showing you how much less troubling life would be if you switched to the Chrome OS. Google is pushing the idea that Chromebooks are impenetrable to viruses, won’t pester you with constant update requests and will offer all-day battery life.

You can see the spot below:

Of course, a lot of these error messages, like the BSOD are out of date, while MacBooks and Windows 10 laptops offer automatic updates and will grant you all-day battery life at certain price points.

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The timing of the ad, posted to YouTube this week, is significant considering the three tech giants are battling for the lucrative back to school market. It comes five-years after Microsoft launched an advertising offensive against the nascent Chromebooks as part of its Scroogled campaign. It lambasted their suitability for purpose and were reminiscent of the old Mac vs PC commercials.

The fact Google has muscled its way into a three way fight is a testament to the popularity and practicality of Chromebooks and their availability across a number of price points. It’s taken half a decade, but Google has finally fought back and made the old Mac vs PC battle a triple threat match.

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