Mac OS X Mountain Lion hits 7 million downloads

At tonight’s iPhone 5 launch event, Apple CEO Tim Cook told rapt onlookers that OS X Mountain Lion has sold 7 million copies.

The best bit about Mac OS X upgrades is that they’re darn cheap, and that must be at least part of the reason why the latest Mountain Lion upgrade has reaped 7 million upgrade downloads since its launch in July. As an upgrade it costs £13.99 in the UK, making it much, much cheaper than a new version of Windows.

New features introduced by OS X Mountain Lion include AirPlay mirroring, Facebook integration and new dictation functions. It’s part of Apple’s move towards making iOS and Mac OS X a bit more similar.

Other announcements to be made at the 12 September iPhone 5 launch include Apple’s 2012 range of iPods, and – of course – the new iPhone.

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