Mac OS X Leopard Ships 26 October

About time.

After many delays and even more excuses, Apple has finally confirmed the official launch date for Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’.

26 October is the day now carved in stone and pre-orders are being taken. Leopard is the sixth major release to the OS X platform and despite talk that it is little more than a spit and polish of 10.4 ‘Tiger’ Steve Jobs has declared it “the best upgrade we’ve ever released.”

Attempting to live up to this lofty claim are more than 300 new features, with Jobs particularly keen to emphasize ‘3D Docks with Stacks’ (above), the updated Finder with CoverFlow results, Quick Look, Spaces, Time Machine, 64 bit compatibility, greater parental controls and new versions of Core Animation, BootCamp and iChat. For a more detailed description of these see my WWDC piece here.

Leopard isn’t overly resource intensive either being designed to run on any Mac with an Intel CPU or PowerPC G5 or G4 (867MHz+) processor.

Costs for Leopard start at $129 for a single user licence with the ‘Family Pack’ (one house, five user licences) coming in at $199. The mildly unfortunates who bought a Tiger based Mac on or after 1 October get a free upgrade paying just the shipping fee of $9.95. If you bought a Mac on 30 September or earlier however ”doh” and ”’READ YOUR NEWS”’…

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