Mac Mini 2018: Apple’s compact computer rumoured to get a Pro model this October

The poor Mac mini has been neglected by Apple since 2014, but rumours are heating up that a new Mac mini 2018 could be revealed on October, which will act as the Pro edition.

For those unfamiliar with the Mac mini, this is a compact computer aimed at macOS fans who want to get their hands on a compact Apple desktop computer, but without all the added pricey peripherals you’d find with an iMac. But since the Mac mini hasn’t had a refresh since 2014, the current range is somewhat lacking on the processor front compared to more modern machines.

If rumours are true, Apple will unveil a new Pro model to the range this October with more powerful components that should bring the Mac mini up to date with 2018 standards.

Before then, we’ve rounded up all the news and rumours, and will keep you up to date with everything Mac Mini related.

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Mac mini 2018 Pro preview: What to expect

Mac Mini 2018 Pro is rumoured to be aimed at media professionals

There’s yet to be any confirmation that a new Mini truly exists, but we’ve rounded up all the rumours here ahead of the potential October event.

The Mini Pro will reportedly feature an improved processor and more plentiful storage options than the present trio, enabling users to squeeze in as many videos, photos and files as they wish. It’s likely to be aimed at media professionals rather than causal users.

We’re hoping to see Intel‘s 8th generation U-Series Intel Core CPU here, bringing the Mac mini 2018 Pro bang up to date and sharing the same configurations as this year’s MacBook Pro. If true, the processor would be comfortably speedy enough to meet the needs of demanding creatives.

Sacrifices have to be made to achieve such power though, with rumours suggesting the Mini Pro will actually be slightly larger this time round. Of course, it’s still very much expected to be small and light enough to transport with ease, but just be prepared if it’s not as subtle on your desk as the previous iteration.

Elsewhere, we’re expecting the Mini Pro to offer all the same ports as the standard models, including Thunderbolt and HDMI video outputs, while also featuring the macOS Mojave.

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Mac mini 2018 Pro Release Date: When does the new Mac mini Pro come out?

The new Mac mini was initially expected to be revealed during today’s Apple ‘Gather Round’ event but was ultimately absent, with the spotlight being shined firmly on the new iPhone and Watch.

But don’t worry about not seeing a new Mac mini this year. Bloomberg is now reporting that there’s likely going to be a Mac-focused event in October, where we’ll see both the reveal of the Mac mini 2018 and the successor to the MacBook Air. We’d expect both products to be released before the end of the year.

As soon a we get confirmation about that potential October event or any details on a release date, we’ll be sure to update this section.

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Mac mini 2018 Pro Price: How much will the Mac mini Pro cost?

Mac mini 2018 Pro is likely to have the same ports as the previous iteration

Again, there’s currently no confirmation regarding how much the Mini Pro will cost.

However, if rumours are to be believed it will cost more than the current lineup, which makes sense if its sporting a more powerful processor and more plentiful storage.

With the current high-tier model of the Mac mini costing £949, then we anticipate the 2018 version to be floating around the £1000 mark.

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