Lytro camera gets manual controls and new colours

Lytro, the world’s first light field camera, is indisputably an innovative product – but not even its most ardent fan could say it’s a perfect one. Yes, you can focus shots after you take them, and that’s pretty astounding – but what about tweaking settings before you hit the shutter button?

Until now, that’s been beyond the Lytro, but a new firmware update will change all that. Users will now be able to set the shutter speed (minimum 1/250 second, maximum 8 seconds) and the ISO light sensitivity (80 to 3200), as well as use a Neutral Density Filter to help avoid overexposure when using slow shutter speeds. Finally, they’ll be able to lock the Auto Exposure settings then change the composition of a scene.

The firmware upgrade is free, rolls out today and can be checked for by simply plugging your Lytro into a web-connected computer.

There are also two new colour finishes to add to the three already available: Seaglass, exclusive to the Lytro website; and Moxie Pink, exclusive to and CityTarget stores in the US. Both have 8GB capacities and cost $399 (around £250 at the time of writing), and are listed as US only for the time being.

Finally, there’s a brace of fresh accessories for the camera: a case made of “technical, coated canvas” and lined with microfibre, with a holder for storing additional accessories ($59.95 from and selected retailers); and a sleeve made of similar material and toting a wrist strap ($29.95).

The Lytro is still not available to buy in the UK: the company webstore will not ship purchases outside of the US, and currently the only places with licensed resellers are Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.