Lumia Denim rollout for Windows Phone 8.1 brings Cortana boost

Microsoft has announced the recently-released Lumia Denim software update is now rolling out to all users packing a Windows Phone 8.1 handset.

The software bump’s main selling point is access to an improved version of Cortana, Windows Phone’s voice-powered personal assistant app.

In a post on the Lumia Conversaions blog, Microsoft says Cortana can now be integrated with in-car systems, while it can recognise natural language scenarios and the ability to snooze times for reminders.

With Lumia Denim, some users will also be able to activate the service with ‘Hey Cortana’ voice controls without the need to press the microphone. However, that’s a feature limited to Lumia 930, Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520 owners.

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The new version of the software also brings Live Folders, enabling users to organise their favourite apps, and a new version of Glance Screen which shows information from the MSN Health and Fitness app.

Microsoft says Internet Explorer is now faster with improved downloading speeds on the mobile web, while security when using VPN networks has also been improved

Those packing a Lumia Icon, 1520, 930 and 820 in their jeans pocket will also get a new version of the Lumia Camera app, when downloading Denim. It promises faster shutter speeds and Moment Capture, which commences a 4K/24pfs video recording with a long press of the capture button.

The update, which was announced in

September, began to arrive in China in December, for Lumia owners rocking

the 1320, 525, 526, 625, and 720 models.

Now it’s ready for western users, you can get a look at Lumia Denim in the hands-on demo below.