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A low price for the LG G8 could make it a cracking proposition for smartphone fans

Preorders for LG Electronics new G8 ThinQ smartphone will go live for those living in South Korea this Friday, and it seems like prices could be lower than expected.

The presale period will run until Thursday, March 21 with launch kicking off on March 22. It’s not sure yet when it’ll come to our shores. 

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The phone is packing 128GB of storage, and the price is pretty decent too: it’s 897,600 Won, which translates to around £606, although the actual price is likely to be a little higher because of imports and, you know, brexit.

It’s a good price for the phone, and mobile editor Max Walker said in his hands-on: “The LG G8 certainly isn’t going to be a memorable MWC 2019 launch, Especially with 5G, flexible displays and bombastic specs all the rage. It will, I suspect, be a good phone though and one that’ll likely undercut many of the competitors in price.”

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Combine this with a 6.1-inch QHD+ OLED display and a phone powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile chip and kept juiced up by a 3,500mAH battery, it’s full of solid tech at a decent price. It’s not the flashiest phone in the world, but at this price it could be a great alternative for those who want a solid performer at a Gr8 price.

How it’ll sell compared to the prestige phones it’s stacking up against remains to be seen, but in a year when smartphone prices are rocketing up, it’s good to see one dropping a few pennies.

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