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LoveFilm adds Disney Movies on Demand titles from today

Disney Movies on Demand will launch today on LoveFilm, offering a wide range of Disney films on its streaming service.

LoveFilm Instant will now be bolstered by new content from Disney Movies on Demand, which will include the well-known and best-loved classics as well as Pixar titles.

Children and adults alike who subscribe to the LoveFilm Instant streaming service can now enjoy Disney Pixar films like Wall-E and Ratatouille for no additional cost to their current pay monthly price.

They will also see animated Disney classics like Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo and the Sword in the Stone, and live action favourites like Bedknobs and Broomsticks and the Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian appear among the titles available via LoveFilm Instant.

“Disney is renowned for creating world famous, quality family entertainment that parents can trust; from the earlier animation to modern classics”, said Simon Morris, CMO at LoveFilm. “We are thrilled to enhance our relationship with the launch of Disney Movies on Demand, and even more excited about bringing our members so much new content in the process.”

The latest Disney deal will further enhance the extensive movie and TV series offering with the LoveFilm Instant subscription. The Amazon-owned company has already signed agreements with Warner Bors, Sony, ABC, BBC, ITV and Channel 4 among others. Adding to its child-orientated offerings, LoveFilm also recently signed a deal with Nickelodeon.

Aiming to compete with Netflix, LoveFilm will also be able to provide a cheaper alternative to the Sky Movies Disney channel available from Sky.

“We always aim to offer families the best possible selection of Disney movies when, where and how they want it,” said Catherine Powell, SVP and GM of Disney Media Distribution at EMEA. “Working with LoveFilm, I’m delighted we can provide their customers with a superb range of movie entertainment and a great viewing experience.”

LoveFilm is available on platforms like PC, Mac, Wii U, PS3, Xbox One, Kindle Fire HD, and iOS and Android devices.

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