Samsung Galaxy S8 design might be rolling out onto a new line of phones

The spectacular Samsung Galaxy S8 design could be landing on cheaper smartphones very soon, if a new leak is to be believed.

Earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy S8 launched with a brand new aesthetic. Gone were the thick bezels of yore; instead, the front of the phones were now dominated almost entirely by the display. Samsung even booted the Home button and fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone to make the new design possible.

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Unsurprisingly, most reviewers loved the new space-age design, with critics lauding the innovative slim-bezel appearance. Soon afterwards, Samsung debuted the Galaxy Note 8, a phone that used the same Infinity Display design that had already proved popular with consumers.

So what’s next? Well it’s almost certain that the Galaxy S9 will continue the trend, but it’s expected that the design will eventually trickle down to cheaper models.

Supporting that theory is a new series of leaked images posted to tech site GizChina that purportedly depict the glass panel of the Galaxy A8 (2018).

Samsung’s Galaxy A smartphones are a mid-range series, and typically offer solid specs and attractive designs at a cheaper price point compared to the flagship Galaxy S series.

In the images, the panel has a seriously slim bezel that’s basically identical to the Galaxy S8, which would suggest that the phone would also boast the Infinity Display.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy A8 hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung, and there’s no way of telling whether these leaked images are even legitimate. Such a “leak” would be extremely easy to fake, and it wouldn’t be the first time such a hoax had been seen online.

Still, regardless of the leak, it’s very likely that Samsung will eventually adopt its popular Infinity Display design on other handsets. The bad news is that we still don’t have solid evidence to suggest that will be the case.

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