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London Technology Week begins: Celebrating the best of British Tech

London Technology Week starts on the 15th June. “What’s that?” you might ask. It’s a celebration of London’s growing role as a global source of tech innovation and inspiration.

A series of events, ranging from huge international conferences to low-key investor meetings, will be held over the coming week focussing on a wide variety of topics. Hot-ticket subjects such as the Internet of Things, Big Data and wearables will be covered, as well as more traditional areas such as education, gaming, fashion, coding and sport.

Even though TrustedReviews reports about tech on a global level, we’re actually based in London and have a passion for supporting local tech innovation. And it’s not just London that we want to celebrate – we will be promoting a whole host of tech companies and products that are based in the UK.

Whether it’s mobile manufacturers like Kazam, audio players like Pure, Naim and Cambridge Audio or home appliance innovators like Dyson we’ll be bringing the best of British to you over the course of the week.

There’s more to British tech than current products, though. So keep your eyes on TrustedReviews for interviews with leading UK innovators as well as the rich history of British tech inventions (although we might not go quite as far back as the spinning jenny). We’ll also be attending a load of events to bring you all the most interesting bits of London Technology Week as they happen.

It’s all enough to bring a patriotic tear to your eye. God bless ya guv!   

To find out more about London Technology Week, to view a full listing of events or to get involved if you are a tech entrepreneur head over to LondonTechnologyWeek.co.uk.