Logitech Updates The Alto Notebook Stand

I thought incremental improvement was so passé, but what do I know?

Personally I like my press announcements to be lavish crazy “world’s first uni-cycling duck” affairs, but Logitech seems to have a more realistic approach (at least if you want to stay in business longer than a gnat’s life-span) when updating its product range. Of course when Gordon pinned the previous iteration of your product as a runner for the “perfect” laptop stand this may not be such a problem.

As anyone who uses (or has used) a laptop for an extended period of time, an ergonomic stand can make all the difference between comfort and contortion, so these products can be a real boon. The most notable upgrade from its predecessor in this Alto, then, is the omission of the built-in folding keyboard in favour of a wireless model, which features a non-removable (alas) wrist-rest, numeric pad and media keys; inspiring indeed.

The stand itself serves as a three-port USB 2.0 hub, although Logitech does suggest that a power adaptor (sold-separately) may be required for some devices. The stand can hold up to a 15.4in notebook and as previously, packs flat for storage or transport.

No mouse is included, which is a curious oversight as you can’t realistically use a laptop touchpad in conjunction with this stand, but no doubt most users will want to choose one of their own preference anyway.

UK release set for September and pricing should be around £85 depending on where you buy.

Alto product page.

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