Logitech Update Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Range

One keyboard and one mouse, lucky us.

We at TR have a reasonable affection for Logitech’s gaming mice, for example the G5 which Riyad looked at way back in 2005 scurried away with a recommended award. Having moved on a bit since then, the latest offering from the “G” range of peripherals, the G5’s successor, the G9 (what’s wrong with G6?) looks a curious beast.

The major update over the G5 is the inclusion of interchangeable grips, dubbed “precision” and “wide-load” the former of which offers a grippy texture for enhanced, um, precision when in games, while the latter provides a satin texture and larger size, aiming to make the mouse more comfortable. The G9 offers sensitifity ranging from 200 to 3200DPI and provided software lets users store sensitivity profiles for different games on memory built into the mouse so they can be used on any PC. A bit of a gimmick, but it is original and some may consider it a nice feature.

Alongside the G9 mouse is a refreshed model of the extremely good and very popular G15 keyboard. Gone is the folding LCD screen and hidden media keys in favour of a fixed LCD surrounded by buttons, which to my mind looks more elegant.

The number of macro keys has also been reduced from a ridiculous 56 to a more practical 18, using the three shift keys. On-the-fly macro recording remains, as does the resolution of the LCD, so older programs will still work with this model and vice versa. Were Spode still with TR he’d no doubt be pleased to see that the rear USB ports are now USB 2.0 compatible, not 1.1 as with the original.

Logitech press release

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