Logitech Makes Travel & Motion Sensitive iPod Docks

Finds a crucial differentiator in an overcrowded market.

Speaker docks, speaker docks, endless endless speaker docks, but sometimes there’s a cool one… or two.

Taking literal naming to new extremes, the ‘Pure-Fi Dream Premium Bedroom Music System For iPod’ (above) and ‘Pure-Fi Anywhere Compact Speakers For iPod’ (below) are, well, exactly what they say.

What breaks them apart however is some genuinely funky piano black styling and, in the case of the former, a rather nifty motion sensing backlight which automatically brightens the LCD display in the daytime (or when a hand is waved in front of it) and dims at night. Motion can also be used to control the Snooze function, an innovative – if practically dangerous – trick.

On top of this the Dream also offers 3/4in high definition, soft-dome tweeters and a 3in long throw subwoofer while the Anywhere goes for portability with a 10 hour rechargeable battery, travelling case and 726g weight. It also provides one-touch access to Shuffle and Repeat controls.

By contrast, the Dream is more static and comes with a built in FM radio with 24 FM/AM presets and space for six iPod playlists.

The Dream will appear in October with a sticker price of £169.99 while the Anywhere will beat it to stores by one month and come in at £99.99. So if you’ve always wanted to make ‘hand gestures’ at your alarm clock you know what to do…

Logitech UK

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