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Logitech iPhone gamepad image leaks

An image of the first third party game controller for iPhone appears to have leaked online, seemingly from peripheral giant Logitech.

Kotaku published the above picture over the weekend, claiming that it was from an authentic but anonymous source.

As pointed out in the report, this is clearly a games controller add-on for iPhone 5 – but you can probably extend that to the iPhone 5S (or whatever they call the next generation of iPad) given the likelihood of an externally similar design.

It appears to have four fascia buttons and some kind of analogue stick, as well as a pause button. We expect that there are a couple of shoulder buttons on top of the unit, too.

This leak comes following last week’s reveal of iOS 7, which among its many new features will include greater support for third party gamepads. Apple subsequently confirmed that it was partnering with Logitech and Moga to license the production of such peripherals.

Towards the end of last week at WWDC, Apple conducted a 45 minute session dedicated to these game controllers, but only mock-ups were used.

This leaked picture seems to subscribe to the “form-fitting extended gamepad” template that Apple detailed. In addition to this, we can expect stand-alone gamepads that are more in line with current console offerings – which would be particularly useful with the full-size iPad range.

Apple’s iOS 7 will be launched onto current iPhone and iPad devices some time in the autumn, which is also when you can expect the new iPhone 5S to launch.

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