Logitech Gives diNovo Edge

The long-awaited overhaul is unveiled.

It has been some time in coming, but Logitech has finally given the long awaited re-design to its flagship diNovo keyboard.

Called the diNovo Edge, the new keyboard is cut from a single piece of black Plexiglas and set into an uber thin (19mm) brushed aluminium frame while icons are backlit and disappear when not in use to create a typically minimalist look.

Styling apart, the new Edge has a technological first too since it is the company’s first rechargeable keyboard and sits in its own docking cradle. A single charge is purported to last up to two months, but since I’m on my third laptop keyboard in twp years I’m guessing it would last me about a week.

Bluetooth is again at the diNovo’s heart (a USB micro-receiver is bundled if you comp doesn’t have this technology built in) which Logitech says is good for a very precise range of 33 feet.

Elsewhere a trackpad with (s)ipod(/s) circular scrolling has been added in case you’re particularly anti-mouse (and why shouldn’t you be… it’s your baffling right) along with Vista optimised media keys (there’s an F-key search button which provides one-touch access to Vista’s search feature) and a volume touchpad with LED metre.

Logitech is once again waxing lyrical about it being the ‘Ultimate Typing Experience’ since it incorporates the ‘PerfectStroke’ (*cough*) key system which attempts to minimise typos by making keys require more force to engage when pressure is only applied to an edge. This could be nirvana to many or a nightmare for those with lazy form.

A whopping £149.99 RRP separates the men from the boys, but if you’ve got the prerequisite baritone it can be on your desk from November.

Logitech UK