Logitech Announces Wireless Touchpad

Do you miss your laptop’s trackpad when you’re stuck at your

desktop PC? Well Logitech may just have the solution.

The Logitech Wireless Touchpad is a multi-touch navigation

device which allows you to point, scroll and swipe your way through the web and

your favourite PC applications. It’s basically an Apple Magic Trackpad for PCs.

The Wireless Touchpad connects with your PC via a discreet

USB dongle and Logitech’s unifying technology lets you use a single dongle to

connect multiple devices, such as the M325 mouse we looked at last week.

A single touch anywhere on the Trackpad will let you

instantly control the cursor, but of more interest is the support for

multi-touch gestures (up to four fingers) and swipes to scroll quickly through

documents and werbsites, jump tabs and switch applications.

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Logitech says its advance 2.4GHz wireless eliminates almost

all delays, dropouts and interference and it also promises a four-month battery

life with an LED indicator showing you when the juice is running low.

“The Logitech Wireless Touchpad is perfect for people who

want to surf the Web in a more fun and natural way,” said Rory Dooley,

Logitech’s senior vice president and general manager of the Control Devices

business unit. “It lets Web surfers flick through websites and effortlessly

scan long pages – making browsing easier than ever.”

The Logitech Wireless Touchpad is expected to be available

in Europe this month, for a suggested retail

price of £44.99.