Loewe’s 77-inch OLED just went on sale – you’d best get saving

The largest screen in Loewe’s bild 7 range has just landed in the UK, dripping OLED goodness all over its massive 77-inch panel.

We just reviewed the amazing 65-inch Loewe bild 7.65 and now the German company is teasing us with the enormo-beauty of the bild 7.77. Yep, just under 2m of OLED panel with that same jaw-dropping design.

Since Loewe is a ‘premium’ TV manufacturer, you don’t just get a telly; you get an experience. The floor stand is motorised, for a start. Simply rotate the screen left or right via the remote, or set pre-determined on-off rotation angles. Pretty swish, eh?

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But the tech tricks don’t stop there, as there’s a hidden 120W soundbar beneath and behind the screen. Turn the bild 7.77 on and the whole 77-inch OLED panel majestically slides up a couple of inches to reveal that integrated audio.

If that’s not enough for you sonically, Loewe sells a range of different wireless speakers that can be added for full surround sound, with the integrated soundbar used for the centre channel.

The bild 7.77 also includes a 1TB hard drive for your money, for recording directly from the built-in Freeview HD tuner, as well as Wi-Fi and smart TV features.

Obviously the 9mm-thick OLED screen has a 4K/UHD resolution and supports multiple flavours of HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG.

And the cost of all this luxury electrickery? A mere £12,990. To be fair, we were expecting the damage to be worse than that. But still, ouch.

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