Live: Astronaut Tim Peake walks in space to fix faulty component

British astronaut Tim Peake will make history today as he becomes the first Briton to perform a spacewalk. And you can livestream the whole thing.

A live feed of the International Space Station is already available through NASA’s Public UStream channel.

Starting at 12.55, Major Peake will join fellow NASA astronaut Tim Kopra on a six-hour routine repair mission which involves walking on the outside of the ISS.

The pair are replacing a failed Solar Shunt Unit, which transfers electrical power generated by the solar panels.


Before enduring the intense six-hour operation, Major Peake will breathe pure oxygen to purge his body of nitrogen before braving the outside in a low-pressure suit.

The team will be up against it as only two 45-minute periods of sunlight will be available during the operation, with the rest of the maintenance having to be carried out in complete darkness.

There has been a total of 191 maintenance spacewalks on the space station.

Major Peake, a former Army Air Corps and helicopter test pilot, became the first Briton to board the ISS in December 2015.

He will stay onboard for six months.