Lite-on Takes DVD-R Up To 20x

New breakthrough in an old medium.

With the ongoing war between HD DVD and Blu-ray unlikely to be settled anytime soon it comes as a welcome relief to discuss a media everyone seem to have forgotten…

DVD is its name – you may have heard of it?! – and it can now be written to faster than ever before courtesy of a new drive from Lite-On. The ‘LH-20A1P’ is the world’s first DVD writer to burn DVD-R media at 20x and it means a disc can be completed in just five minutes. ‘Smart-Write’ technology is behind the breakthrough and Lite-On claims this will enable the drive to automatically detect the optimal write speed for all formats of DVD on a disc-by-disc basis regardless of the figure printed on the disc.

The LH-20A1P also write to DVD-RAM at 12x, DVD+/-R DL at 8x, rewrite DVD+RW at 8x and DVD-RW at 6x. Interestingly, the drive actually reads DVD-ROM media at 16x which is a lower speed than it can write to DVD-R!

If you can stretch your mind all the way back to that other legacy format known as ‘CD’ (I’m sure it stood for ‘Compact-something-or-other) the drive will burn CD-R media at 48x, CD-RW at 32x and read CD-ROMs at 48x. The LH-20A1P will debut in December for an as yet unknown price, but don’t expect it to cost a lot. A version with LightScribe technology, dubbed the LH-20A1H, will follow it into stores next year.

Right now we can only dream of a time when the next generation media market will be so straightforward…