Lite-On DVD Recorder Integrates 160GB Hard Disk for only £350

Not only can Lite-On's talented LRW-5045 write to multi-format DVDs and to CDs, but it also sports a 160GB hard disk. Ought to keep the likes on Sony on their toes.

Lite-On is a name closely associated with optical CD and DVD burners for PCs but like many companies, it’s looking to make a name for itself in consumer electronics. The LVW-5045 is a DVD recorder featuring an integrated 160Gb hard disk – for an amazing £350. This is very competitive as Sony 160GB hard disk equipped RDR-HX900 goes for around £600.


Lite-On takes advantage of its PC burner expertise, with the LVW-5045’s ‘All Write’ technology, which enables it to record not only to both DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW formats but also to CD-R/RW. It will also record to MPEG1 based VCD and SVCD formats for extended playing time and even a CD-Audio disc.

With a 160Gb hard disk the LVW-5045 can record up to 198 hours of footage using the lowest quality SLP mode or 33 hours at the highest HQ setting. Lite-On claims that the player is very easy to use thanks to its Easy Guider OSD.

You can pause live TV and watch the beginning of a programme while it is being recorded. Connectivity includes an RBG Scart socket and a DV port so you can capture recordings from your camcorder onto DVD.


With its multi-format recording abilty the Lite-On LVW-5045 looks like being one of the most talented home electronics devices on the market and you can look forward to a full review as we’ll me getting one in shortly.