LimeWire To Go Legit & DRM-free

Follows a well worn path.

And another P2P favourite falls…

Joining the likes of bittorent, Kazaa and Napster now LimeWire has declared its intent to reform and change its business model to a non-lawsuit-friendly model selling higher bit rate DRM-free audio.

Like iTunes, LimeWire will sell tracks at 256Kbps and it will initially be backed by Indie label IRIS and Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan and Delerium stable Nettwerk (ooh, the excitement). Whether it can add larger labels however has got to be in some doubt since EMI, Sony and Universal all sued the company last year.

No timeframe has been put on the conversion at this stage.

In sum then this sounds more like a get-out-before-we-go-to-jail arrangement than a genuine wish to reform and a business plan to challenge the major players. Still, I can’t blame LimeWire when the options are a) a tidy, profitable little business or b) being asked to pick up the soap…


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