Lian Li Launches PC-XB01 Xbox 360 Case

Cooler case, less chance of a RRoD. Simple really.

Thinking of buying an Xbox on Friday when the 60GB model launches or already own a console and find yourself worrying about its likely failure? You could just cross your fingers and rely on the extended warranty program, or you could splash out on the PC-XB01 from Lian Li and re-house your console in a new, cooler (in every sense of the word) case.

There is some argument that voiding your warranty, and denying yourself a guaranteed replacement Xbox 360, to put your console’s innards in a new case might be a bit of a risky affair. Overheating isn’t the only affliction that could kill your system, after all. However, if your primary concern is to stop your console over-heating or you just want a (debatably) nicer case for your Xbox than Microsoft’s there isn’t any other option.

There are other benefits to the PC-XB01. The use of a large 120mm fan to exhaust air, and the addition of noise-insulating foam around the drive bay should help avert one of the Xbox 360’s biggest criticisms – namely that it’s bloody loud when in use.

The PC-XB01 is priced at $150, and should be available towards the end of the month. A few e-tailers are taking pre-orders now for about £60, so if you’re interested you know what to do.