LG’s Latest High End Handset Leaked


Further blurring the mobile phone/smartphone market this month is the latest leak out of LG.

The ‘enV2’ is the follow-up the the successful enV/VX9900 and this hybrid handset features a full flip Qwerty thumb board and – as the exclusive pictures from Engadget show – a heavy multimedia focus (though precise codec support isn’t known as yet).

A 2MP camera is also said to be onboard (up from the enV’s 1.3 megapixeller) while a microSD slot can clearly be seen and a standard USB slot will replace the proprietary connection on its forebear. When closed a smaller screen and physical keyboard also mean the handset should be equally friendly as a handset and media device.

As you might expect with any leak there is no release and pricing info at this point, but it looks pretty close to retail and I wouldn’t be surprised to see LG firm this up for a release imminently.

Take that SideKick…