LG X Power and X Mach make more high-end features accessible to everyone

LG has announced four new handsets in its fresh X series, each specialising in one key area.

The South Korean manufacturer launched the LG X Cam and LG X Screen back in February. These were mid-range Android phones with one stand-out ‘high-end’ feature each – a dual-camera and a secondary display respectively.

Now LG has announced an expansion of this X range. Meet the LG X Power, X Mach, X Style and X Max.

As before, you can probably take an educated guess at what each of the new phones can do. The LG X Power has a larger-than-average 4,100mAh battery an fast charging, while the LG X Mach supports supports LTE Cat. 9 3CA data transfer speeds and has a 1.8GHz hexa-core CPU.

The X Mach also stands out from the rest of the X range by offering a QHD IPS Quantum display, and it also has a 1.55μm sensor camera.


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LG doesn’t seem ready to tell us too much about the LG X Style and X Max, beyond a couple of predictable pointers. It looks like the X Style has an extra-slim body and the X Max has a (you guessed it) big screen.

There’s no indication of pricing or availability for any of these new X devices, but expect them to come in well below flagship prices. The LG X Power may be the first to launch, as it’s the one that LG has provided a video for.


Which feature would you like to see boosted next by LG’s X range – or any other mid-range phone, for that matter? Let us know in the comments.