LG ‘Wood’ Follows Chocolate & Wine

An unlikely dietary combination.

There’s a theme here, see if you can spot it: Chocolate = black; Wine = metallic black; now Wood = ”wood”. Confused? You should be and it’s all LG’s fault.

After sensational success with its arguably misnamed but extremely popular black Chocolate phone, the Korean monolith decided to try and repeat the trick with the ever-so-vaguely-red-tinged-but-ultimately-still-black Wine Phone, but in technology progress is everything and it appears the company finally understands its third medium: wood.

As a result the LG ‘Shine Wood’ is, stand back and prepare to be amazed, WOOD (or at least a convincing fake substitute – no trees were hurt in the making of this phone).

Officially known as the ‘LG-LB2005H’ – it’s most stunning feature aside – it is actually rather a mid-ranger with such trivialities as a 2MP camera, music player and Bluetooth though it does have a couple of standout features, namely DMB TV and an electronic dictionary.

Further details won’t appear until closer to launch, which – like every LG handset – will be in Korea first. That said, I suspect – if popular, like all LG’s previous dalliances in substance named phones – it won’t be too long before we start getting Wood all over the world.

Wait. Hang-on. Oh no…