LG V40 ThinQ tipped for October release to avoid Note 9 clash

The LG V40 ThinQ will go on sale in early October, according to reports in the company’s Korean homeland.

ETNews sources say the company is planning a launch event in September, perhaps at or shortly after the IFA tech show in Berlin. According to the telecoms officials cited in the piece, LG is shying away from competition provided by Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, which will be revealed on August 9.

Today’s report (via 9to5 Google) also brings feature news too. It backs up reports claiming there’ll be a trio of rear-facing cameras with primary, wide-angle and telephoto lenses (20MP, 16MP, and 13MP respectively).

A pair of front facing cameras are expected to bring the total number of snappers up to five, as previously reported. They will enable facial recognition tech similar to Apple’s Face ID.

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LG is also working on further eliminating bezels. The report says the V40 ThinQ will arrive with 90% of the face covered by the screen. This is up from 81% on the V30.

To achieve this LG is said to be plotting something “different from the conventional”, but the report doesn’t go into specifics here.

Previous reports have pointed out the display will have the notch, but like the G7 ThinQ, offers the ability to nullify the effect in the settings if you’re not that into it. Android Police sources say the device will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 SoC and look a lot like a “scaled up G7.”

We’re also expecting the OLED display tech to be deployed rather than the LCD screen that arrived with the G7.

If the ET News report is correct, we’re not sure delaying the release until October is wise. As well as the Note 9, LG will also have the new iPhones to contend with by then.

Are you excited for the V40 ThinQ? Could it steal the show during this release season? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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