LG Unveils Flagship Handset With ‘Revolutionary’ UI

New focus on software can only be a good thing...

What’s the point in waiting for MWC? That seems to be the attitude of a number of the major handset manufacturers already this week with Samsung’s Tocco Ultra Edition breaking cover today swiftly followed by this powerhouse from LG…

The KM900 or ‘Arena’ is the company’s latest touchscreen / iPhone-influenced design and perhaps the most exciting aspect is it isn’t only looking to bash Apple’s pride and joy over the head in terms of raw specs.

Yes, 7.2Mbit HSDPA, aGPS, WiFi and native DivX/Xvid video support are listed but everything else is kept under wraps (expect at least a 5MP shooter, microSDHC, Bluetooth with A2DP, etc) as LG finally wants to get serious about the most serious issue: UI. Here comes some fightin’ wordz:

“The direct, intuitive and dynamic S-Class UI will be unlike anything that has appeared on a mobile phone before,” proclaimed LG CEO Dr. Skott Ahn. Quite what this comprises at this stage we’re hard pushed to tell but it appears the KM900 uses multiple screens via a rotating interface and iPhone-ish lower strip of core functions. To this I can say: at least the 3D rotation is new… …on a mobile anyway. Linux users have seen this ‘cubularity’ for many years.

Still, the iPhone’s power two years on remains its UI and multi-touch technology so it would be nice (and long overdue) to see this gap eliminated. After all, it’s all about choice people…

Press Release via NewsWire

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