LG & Sony Ericsson Concept iPhone-a-likes Unveiled

Already a reality at Apple.

First Meizu, then Nokia have lovingly ripped off Apple’s iPhone for their own future products and now LG and Sony Ericsson have shown they aren’t too proud to demonstrate the highest form of flattery…

Of the two LG’s iPhone – created by YankoDesign – is probably the most blatant. For a start it is called the ‘LG Touch’ and it looks… well, identical to an iPhone/iPod touch. Aside from this however the company has at least shown some innovation by adding LCD displays to the top side of the device for easily viewing track information.

Furthermore ‘Lucky Goldstar’ has gone all Foleo/Tron on us with a monstrous LED dock with full, if cramped, keyboard. Can we have more work on the phone guys and perhaps a bin for its attachment?

As for Sony Ericsson, it isn’t fully complicit in the flattery since its ‘PXi’ was created by independent designer Bence Bogar. For what it’s worth though, the PXi is a fairly ugly imitation of the iPhone which doesn’t dispose of the dreaded stylus but does come outfitted with a 3.3in 768 x 480 LCD, HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, 5MP camera and two (yes ”two”) memory card slots – in theory anyway.

Even less likely to hit the shelves, it does still reaffirm that where Apple has gone others are looking to follow. So same old, same old…

Bence Bogar