LG Showcases 5.9mm Thick TVs

Its thinnest yet.

LG has brought its TVs to new levels of slimness, its latest and slimmest measuring a mere 5.9mm front-to-back (or even back to front), thanks to the development of an improved backlighting system.

The 42in and 47in TVs use edge-mounted LEDs and a proprietary light-guide sheet (LGS), which as you might guess guides light from the LED source to behind the panel to achieve their reduction in size. LG reckons its LGS is about half the thickness of previous alternatives.

The use of LED-backlighting, rather than CCFL, is said to account for a 50 per cent weight reduction. The 47in and 42in sets weight in at 7.3kg and 6.1kg a piece; perfect for mounting on even the flimsiest of walls.

The panels, as well as being super thin, also offer 120Hz processing and have response times of 8ms. That both TVs have a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution goes almost without saying.

No pricing or release dates, alas.

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