LG & Samsung Claim Worlds Fastest DVD Burners

Bravado aplenty but there can only be one winner.

Giving HD DVD and Blu-ray a rest, today we’re stepping back into the venerable world of DVD writers.

Both LG and Samsung have new models out today with ‘World’s Fastest’ label, it is actually the latter which is the true speed champ.

The Samsung ‘SH-S203N’ makes headlines because it claims to burn DVD+R dual layer media at a new record 16x speed, a rate which Sammy says will reduce burn times by 30 to 40 per cent. On top of this the SH-203N will write to DVD-R DL at 12x and single layer DVD+/-R at 20x.

By comparison LG’s ‘GSA-E60N’ claims its records by burning DVD+/-R at 20x – a feat matched by the Samsung while its dual layer speeds of 10x fall significantly behind. That said, the GSA-E60N is an external burner which works over USB and the SH-S203N is an integrated drive using SATA.

Ultimately then we’re in horses-for-courses territory and with both also offering LightScribe disc etching there’s little missing from either feature set. Both drives also retail for approximately £40 and are hitting the market this month.

There’s a decision to be made…

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