LG Reveals First 32in Plasma TV

With no HD support, seriously why?

LG already has a large range of plasma TVs so one would think it doesn’t need to add pointless products to the line-up, but which the ’32PC5RV’ that is exactly what has just been announced.

At first glance a 32in plasma TV might sound tempting, but when you realise that the resolution is a ghastly baffling 852 x 480 pixels you should find yourself quickly dissuaded.

Of course if you really want to do the unthinkable and buy a non-HD TV in the year 2008 then this gives you that option and on the plus side it does boast a 1,800:1 contrast ratio and has component and HDMI inputs so you can (pointlessly) input your high-def content… before having it downscaled.

The 32PC5RV will be available worldwide in November for between $1,100 and $1,000 (around £500 before tax), but with products like Samsung’s excellent 720p capable LE-32R87BD LCD available for less you would have to be missing a frontal-lobe to want this. I hear you, plasma is good – but not ”that good”…

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