LG Reveals 3D UI Arena & Windows Mobile Partnership

One good idea followed by one really bad one...

LG time and there were things both simultaneously uplifting and altogether depressing about what it has announced at MWC 2009…

As always (since I’m a glass half full – if ranty – type of guy) the good stuff first and that primarily entails something we’ve seen before: the Arena. As we know (especially if you just clicked the link earlier or are good enough to possess a memory longer than the average goldfish) the Arena is LG’s big cheese, Mr Big, Take That comeback tour of its 2009 product offerings.

Sporting a 3in ‘WVGA’ (yes, it’s horribly ambiguous) touchscreen display, HSDPA, WiFi, 8GB of internal memory, FM tuner and 5MP camera the Arena makes a pretty decent stab at the high end handset specs table. The proof of the pudding however is in the still unknown ‘3D cube interface’, something that has worked well for many years on Linux PCs but remains an altogether unknown quantity on mobile phones. Sadly therefore, what more can we say…

Even more bizarre however is the ‘GD900’, an HSUPA slider with virtually no official specs but a transparent keypad *really*. Being see-through has its costs though with the GD900 measuring a hefty 105 x 52.5 x 13.4mm and every other meaningful titbit being hidden away for now.

Elsewhere things get even muddier with the ‘GM730’, a low end smartphone with 3in ‘WQVGA’ (I wish they’d stop using that too) touchscreen display, HSDPA, WiFi and aGPS. It’s rather dull looks take the fun out the party however and this spin-the-bottle extravaganza is well and truly over with news Windows Mobile 6.1 has been picked for its core.

This isn’t the end of the bad news however because LG has also confirmed at MWC that it has chosen the Windows Mobile operating system to be its primary OS for ”all future smartphones”. Official word from LG CEO Yong Nam is “The Windows platform brings flexible and customer-friendly software that ties into the web and the PC, giving our phones a wide range of new capabilities to address an increasing number of segments and markets.”

*Shakes fist, bangs head against the door, punches door, bangs head through the door. Gets stuck. Remains angry*

LG Arena

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