LG.Philips Shows Off Sub-20mm LCD Panel

Even TVs suffer the size-0 obsession.

Sony’s OLED displays may be ridiculously good to look at and incredibly thin, but two problems they have are a prohibitively high price tag and a very small size. Luckily then, for those among you who don’t need to hide your set behind After Eights side-on, LG.Phillips has a solution coming your way. As of early next year, the company will be shipping out a new range of LCD TV panels which are mere 19.8mm thin.

Obviously reducing the size of the panel means the TV in which it sits can be likewise slimmed, which is good for everyone. The panel is of the 42in variety, offers a full 1080p resolution and has a 100MHz refresh rate.

The panel is reportedly 40 per cent thinner and ten per cent lighter than conventional panels (read: the thickest rivals) and as the picture shows, the difference is noticeable. Alas no LED backlighting will be present, which is a shame, but at least it means pricing should be reasonable. The panels should make their way into TVs before March of next year, so we won’t have too long to wait.

LG.Philips press release.