LG PenTouch PZ850T Lets You Draw On Your TV

IFA, Berlin:Remember

the amount of times you’ve been sitting at home and wished you could get up and draw

something on your 60in plasma 3D TV? No, us neither but it seems as if LG thinks

it’s a great idea.

The LG PenTouch PZ850T TV will allow owners to use a stylus

to draw smiley faces on their 50in or 60in 3D Cinema plasma screens. The LG

PZ850T plasmas have been around for a while now but LG has decided that what was

missing from the high-end sets was the ability to put your own personal touch on them.

The PenTouch sets will come with a pair of styli which can

be used simultaneously on-screen. While there will be no finger-input or

pressure sensitivity, LG say the Pentouch screen can be used in conjunction

with a Windows PC to download your masterpieces so you can share them with the


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LG PenTouch PZ850T

Stephen Gater, consumer electronics marketing director LG

UK, commented, “We’re all used to touch screens being available on our

phones and even tablets now, but LG is one of the first to be offering this

technology on large TV screens.”

The pens will allow you to control the TV itself or bundled

software like calendar and photo galleries, though obviously LG hasn’t heard of

a little invention called a remote control.

With one pair of active shutter glasses included the 3D

version of the 60in LG PenTouch PZ850T will set you back $2,199 in the US (with UK pricing still unknown). The 2D

version will set you back $1,699 (60in) or $1,099 (50in). Obviously these sets could find a home in offices where workers could use them as an interactive whiteboard.

We are hoping to get some hands-on time with the PenTouch to

create our own masterpiece at IFA, so check back soon for our first