LG Makes Touchscreen MP3 Player

All hail the Mmmphjuhmmm53!!! That's marketing genius, that is.

Now this may only be a new one on me, but I can’t remember having seen a dedicated MP3 player with touch screen navigation before so a hearty slap on the back to LG for making one.

First, however, some heavy criticism. Why oh why oh why do companies make players with such unmemorable names?! Of Apple’s competitors only Creative can really escape without much blame but really, this device is called the MFJM53! Can you really imagine going into a store and asking for a “Mmmphjuhmmm53” or would you just give up half way through and say “Pass me an iPod”?!


Anyway on with the show because, marketing bitch slap aside, this is one highly creditable product. The device of no sensible name has the aforementioned touch screen track navigation since it measures 1.77 inches the OLED display should be useable for fat fingered owners too. The dimensions are not iPod nano challenging at 10.1 x 4.8 x 1.4cm and neither is the weight (88g) but then again with an 8GB (moving parts) hard drive it packs twice the storage.

Furthermore, the Mmmphjuhmmm53 can not only display Jpegs, play MP3, WMA, WAV and Ogg music formats but also run Mpeg4 and AVI videos and a nano certainly can’t do that. A nano also doesn’t have a built in FM radio, microphone or line-in port for audio recording and its 30 hour battery life spanks the 14 provided by Apple’s diddy player. Perhaps even more embarrassing for the Feline Obsessed White Fetishist is that the Mmmphjuhmmm53 can last four hours when playing video which is more than the 136g 30GB iPod and as much as the hefty 157g 60GBer.

Another slice of good news is this little unpronounceable marvel is headed for these isles since it turns up on LG’s UK website here. It’s Windows 200/XP only but that no longer excludes Mac users these days. There’s no word on pricing or a release date, but don’t expect it to be long. So here’s the question: is the Mmmphjuhmmm53’s extra functionality worth a little more bulge…?

I could probably give you an answer but I’m not sure how to say ”Mmmphjuhmmm53”.


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