LG Makes Fridges Cool

Yet another line of kitchen appliances get pimped out.

We’ve seen these kinds of blinged up white goods from LG before and to be honest they conjure amorous feelings about kitchen appliances which really don’t belong in our consciousness…

Worryingly these confusing urges have again returned with the announcement of LG’s latest ‘ice inspired’ side-by-side and bottom mount refrigerators. All feature smooth sleek surfaces, hidden hinges, touch technology and can be finished in anything from traditional white to stainless steel, titanium to black and even Swarovski crystal(*choke*).

Looking at the side-by-side’s (there must be a more elegant term?) they come with a choice of either a soft touch ‘Homebar’ which allows easy preparation and serving of cold drinks or an integrated LCD TV which quite frankly baffles me in an MTV Cribs kinda way. There is also ice cold water and crushed or cubed ice on demand – naturally.

As for the bottom mounts (ditto, elegant term) they forgo the Homebar for a soft-touch ice bar which provides instant access to ice without having to open the freezer drawer itself. Meanwhile both ranges get the company’s ‘Moist Balance Crisper’ (maintains optimal temperature and moisture settings) and ‘Bioshield’ (anti-bacterial technology) as standard.

For those looking to utterly out-suave, quite frankly, ”everyone’s” neighbours these two new LG ranges go on sale immediately with prices ranging from £400 to £1,199. That doesn’t include the Swarovski edition sadly which is exclusively available to order via 0800-YOU’VE-GOT-TOO-MUCH-MONEY.

LG UK – Fridges

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