LG LH90 LED-Backlit HDTV Range Launches

Comes THX-certified.

LG’s LH90 LED-backlit TV range, mentioned at CES, has finally launched. For those swayed by such claims, the LH90 series comprise the first THX-certified LED-backlit TVs.

55in, 47in or 42in panels are available, all obviously offering a Full HD 1080p resolution. Thanks to the use of LED-array backlighting the LH90 series claims a not-inconsiderable 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio in addition to local dimming. An ambient light sensor enables automatic backlight adjustment to suit ambient conditions. ISF-calibration is available, so getting a decent image shouldn’t be too difficult.

24Hz playback is supported along with TruMotion 240Hz processing (equating to 200Hz in a UK model, it’s worth pointing out). Four HDMI ports should cater for all but the most comprehensive home cinema set-ups and a USB port provides for playback of MP3 audio and DivX HD video.

In the US the LH90 is prices at $3,199.95 (£1,935), $2,399.95 (£1,451) and $1,899.95 (£1,149) for the 55in, 47in and 42in models respectively. No word on a UK release, but it would be surprising if there wasn’t one soon enough.

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