LG Launches Clip-on 3D Glasses

We are yet to be fully convinced about the 3D phenomenon and

one of our biggest gripes is with the rather horrible passive glasses we are forced to

wear whenever we go to the cinema.

However, while it is annoying for most of us, for those who

are glasses-wearers it is almost impossible for them to wear a second pair of

spectacles on top of their own. Now however LG has come up with a rather

elegant solution in the shape of a pair of clip-on 3D passive shades.

All the rage back in the 1980s, clip-on sunglasses let you

turn your regular pair of glasses into shades without having to purchase a

whole new pair of sunglasses. Now LG has added in passive 3D functionality

with its AG-F220 clip-on 3D glasses.

LG AG-F220 3D glasses

While there is nothing revolutionary in the tech involved,

these clip-on glasses will allow all those glasses-wearing 3D lovers to finally

do so in comfort. And what’s more is the fact that at just $20, they are not

going to break the bank. You will also get some UV protection thrown in for good measure.

The clip-on 3D glasses are currently only available in the US but should

be available more widely soon and we’re sure there will be a lot of 3D fans

looking to get their hands on a pair of these.

Source: LG