LG G6 is now just £395 – huge price drop from £649 price tag

It’s rare that newly launched flagship smartphones get massive discounts, which is what makes this LG G6 deal all the more tempting.

Online retailer EGlobal Central is selling the LG G6 for the incredibly low price of £393.81, which is far lower than LG’s usual retail price of £649.

Don’t forget that the LG G6 has only been available for a couple of months, so this is a very strong deal given how new the handset is.

We haven’t used this retailer ourselves so we can’t necessarily vouch for its credibility, but user reports for the outlet have been overwhelmingly positive on deals tracker website Hot UK Deals.

Unfortunately, this cheap price is only available on the Platinum model. If you want the black version, you’ll have to pay £410 – still a bargain, mind.

Buy Now: LG G6 smartphone at EGC for just £393.81

We gave the LG G6 a respectable 4/5 score in our review, praising the handset’s great display, unique wide-angle camera, and eye-catching design.

Here’s our verdict:

“Ditching the modular design of last year’s G5 was the correct move by LG – it was handled poorly, mis-communicated and failed miserably. With the G6, LG has a phone that I can see being much more successful.”

“It features all the parts of the G5 that I liked – basically, that decent camera setup – but now looks attractive, and the near-bezel-free design is eye-catching. Will the 18:9 (2:1) aspect ratio catch on? I don’t see why not, and now that Samsung has followed suit, I’m sure it will become the norm come 2018.”

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Buy Now: LG G6 smartphone at EGC for just £393.81

Mobile Editor Max Parker continued:

“There are still a few niggles that stop me from believing the LG G6 is the “Phone of the Year” quite yet. Couldn’t it have waited for the Snapdragon 835? I know a CPU isn’t everything, but it instantly puts the G6 on the back foot. The same goes for those missing features in the European model – surely it wouldn’t have been so hard to add in wireless charging and the Quad DAC?”

“I believe this to be LG’s best phone in years, but with the competition improving too, it’s a tough call as to whether or not the G6 will stand up against the upcoming iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8.”

“If the price drops, and LG phones often do, then the G6 could become far more appealing.”

Buy Now: LG G6 smartphone at EGC for just £393.81

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