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LG G4 starts rolling out worldwide

LG has announced that its LG G4 flagship phone will start hitting shops around the world from this week.

The South Korean manufacturer has outlined some of the “key markets” that the LG G4 will be hitting, and in what order.

Starting with Hong Kong, the new flagship will then roll out to Turkey, Russia and Singapore. Following these territories, the LG G4 will “eventually” come to most of Europe, North America, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and finally South and Central America.

The LG G4 is the latest high-profile flagship smartphone to hit the market. It features a 5.5-inch QHD display that’s both brighter and more vibrant than the LG G3’s, as well as a massively improved 16-megapixel camera.

Indeed, in our review we noted that the LG G4’s camera may well be the best we’ve ever seen on a smartphone.

Internally the LG G4 runs on a Snapdragon 808 CPU, which is something of a step down from the Snapdragon 810 that was initially expected, and the one that powers the LG G Flex 2 from earlier in the year.

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LG has also gone with a range of unusual leather finishes for the LG G4’s removable plastic rear cover. Meanwhile, there’s a barely perceptible curve to the whole handset – though it’s nothing like as pronounced as the aforementioned LG G Flex 2.

According to Carphone Warehouse, the LG G4 is expected from May 28 here in the UK.