LG develops screen-based fingerprint technology

LG has developed a way to implement fingerprint sensing technology into a smartphone display.

Currently, if you’re a smartphone manufacturer that wants to include fingerprint technology into your phone, you need to find a special place for it.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6S place the sensor under a pre-existing physical home button, while the LG G5 and Nexus 6P go with a rear-mounted sensor, and Sony finds space on the side of their devices.

Now LG Innotek, a materials and components manufacturer affiliated with LG, has found a way to make such a fingerprint sensor invisible. It will slot the sensor into a 0.3mm space beneath the display.

Apparently, this under-glass module can be customised for any handset manufacturer.

“The new module is expected to drastically reduce any smartphone malfunctions, as it does not require a specific button for fingerprint recognition,” saidthe company (via Korea Times).

This could potentially free up designers to create sleeker smartphones that don’t require a dedicated area for fingerprint authentication. It will also make it easier to create water and dust-proof phones that include such technology.

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In terms of the performance of the fingerprint sensing technology itself, LG says that it is on a par with existing systems. This includes a 0.002 percent error rate.

LG’s new technology will be ready to ship in new smartphone handsets “within the year”. We’re thinking that it could make its debut in the follow-up to the LG V10, but with LG Innotek in talks with other handset manufacturers, that might not necessarily be the case.

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