LG Demos 30,000:1 Contrast Ratio Plasmas

There's life in the old dog yet.

I don’t know if we’ve mentioned before, but we love plasma TVs here at TrustedReviews. This is mainly because that, no matter how good LCD technology has become to date, plasma is still the de facto choice if you want a vivid picture. To add to that LG will be releasing a new range of plasma TVs before the year’s end that will pack extremely alluring 30:000:1 contrast ratios.

The impressive black levels are apparently achieved by using redesigned plasma chambers, rather than any kind of screen coating. Apparently this also means a reduction in the problems of panel reflection on the inside of the screen – not that this is a common complaint to start with. This sounds rather similar to the Pioneer Kuro which has us so enamoured recently, although that had a perhaps more realistic 16,000:1 contrast ratio. The sets will also feature the usual standard fair of image processing, 100Hz playback and so forth and more details will no doubt become clear soon.

LG will be offering 32in, 42in and 50in models the former of which sounds puzzling seeing as you have to have a horrible standard definition panel because plasma chambers just can’t be made small enough to allow high def at that size. Still, you’re going to be waiting a long time for LCD technology to offer similar contrast. If you can’t wait for OLED screens to reach affordable prices for decent sized screens, plasma is definitely still the display technology for you.

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