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LG confirms plans for 2015 flexible OLED TV launch

Curved TVs are already old hat, with LG confirming plans to launch the world’s first flexible OLED TV next year.

Addressing TrustedReviews yesterday, the Korean manufacturer revealed plans to move beyond standard flat or recent curved TVs, merging the two technologies to bring a bendable OLED to market in 2015.

While such a device might sound like a gimmick, LG claims it will allow users to maximise the benefits of both flat and curved TVs, seamlessly switching between the two modes to suit certain content types and user preferences.

Flexible TVs feature a motor which, at the press of the button, flexes the panel from its traditional flat form, to a subtle curved TV for more immersive viewing angles.

Discussing the flexible TV concept, Hugo Shin, Product Communications Director for LG’s Home Entertainment department, told us: “That product will be available next year, a flexible one.

According to LG, it is the company’s development of OLED technologies which is making flexible TVs a feasible and viable option.

“It is difference from the LED case where OLED has no picture quality damage issues when we bend or curve the screen because it has no backlight unit,” Shin told us.

Although failing to offer a more specific timeframe for release than 2015, he added: “It will be expensive, yes.”

However, like OLED panels themselves, this lofty initial fee is expected to quickly come down as the technology develops.

“Just one year ago the 55-inch curved OLED was £10,000 and then the new one is £3,000, so the evolution of the technology makes that price go down,” he said.

While we saw flexible TV concepts demoed at CES earlier this year by both LG and Samsung, the preview devices were not scheduled for a consumer release.

Would you be tempted by a flexible OLED TV or are you happy with a static, flat or curved panel? Let us know via the comments section below.

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