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LG announces new ‘smart’ washing machine lines

LG has continued its drive to bring ‘smart’ appliances to the masses, unveiling a new range of eco-friendly washing machines with NFC smartphone connectivity options.

Allowing users to better communicate with and upgrade their washing machines, the Series 2 and Series 3 NFC-enabled washing machine lines have been unveiled as part of LG InnoFest 2014 ahead of a European launch later this year.

Letting you build on the 14 pre-installed cycles, the improved NFC connectivity will now allow users to download new wash cycles – such as Wool, Cold Wash and Baby Care – to their smartphones, transferring the cycles to the washers simply by tapping the your phone to the cleaner.

On top of this, the new lines benefit from LG’s Smart Diagnosis features which allow users to get detailed feedback on any issues with the machine direct to their phone.

As well as introducing new smart credentials, the new Series 2 and Series 3 front-loading washing machine lines will feature cleaning options 40 per cent more energy efficient than standard A*** rated appliances.

These eco-friendly credentials are made possible by LG’s TurboWash and Six Motion Direct Drive technologies which work together with the machine’s Jet Spray to complete typical Cotton and Easy Care wash cycles in under an hour. This combination of features is like giving your clothes a power shower as opposed to a bath.

As well as reducing energy needs, the new machines are said to also cut down water consumption by 15 per cent, a feature that is sure to save you money over the machine’s life.

“Faster washing cycles give the consumer the freedom to spend more time relaxing or engaging in more valued endeavors,” Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company said in unveiling the new lines.

Although exact UK launch details and prices are still to be confirmed, the steam clean enabled Series 2 and Series 3 washers will also play host to a large full touch LED control panel, and a 10 year manufacturing warranty of the Direct Drive Motor.

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