LG Announces Android & Solar Powered Phones

Not quite what you'd expect...

If you thought LG was done with the Mobile World Congress following its launches earlier in the week headlined by the Arena and its 3D UI, think again…

Building on this monster flagship, the transparent GD900, touchscreen GM730 and rather ill-advised Windows Mobile smartphone partnership is news of the company’s first Android handset. Surprisingly, T3 claims this will be the KS360, a budget handset produced last year with a sliding Qwerty keyboard, limited touchscreen and no 3G. While a nice little phone in its own right targeting SMS addicts, I have severe reservations over whether it can really do justice to a platform as expansive as Android unless a number of upgrades are planned.

Elsewhere, LG has also gone after the Samsung Blue Earth solar powered handset with the ‘Solar Cell’. It’s a rather more brutal approach than the smooth soap bar-ish lines of the Blue Earth with angular solar panels bolted onto the back but it does boast a 5MP camera and will provide 3 minutes of call time from just 10 minutes left in the sun.

Other details were scant, noticeably any talk of mass production and it doesn’t look market ready to these eyes. Still, if the tech is close it can’t come soon enough, even as an addition to prolong standard handset’s battery life. Now when will someone think to do the most logical thing and put solar cells into a Bluetooth earpiece…?!

Lastly we get something more vanilla in the shape of the ‘KT770’, a 5MP slider with 2.8in WVGA (400 x 240 pixel) display and S60 3rd edition OS. At 111 x 51.5 x 15.8mm it’s a little chunky compared to many five megapixel shooters already out but it will apparently be pushing social networking and come sporting the first S60 native Facebook client. Further info remains undisclosed for now.

Quite finished now are we LG?

Android Info via T3

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