LG 8 Megapixel Viewty Smart Hits Retailers

But do you dare update ahead of the June super handset launches and announcements...?

So do you fancy a Viewty II?

If so – and let’s face it your Viewty contract must be coming to an end – then you’ll be pleased as punch/shove/head butt that LG has now confirmed the Viewty Smart will go on sale this month.

First leaked in March and official in April, the Viewty Smart is a genuinely impressive – at least on paper – upgrade from its predecessor.

Key differences include an eight (yes, count them) megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach camera with Xenon flash, a 3in WVGA (800 x 480) pixel widescreen, touchscreen display and a microSD expansion slot which supports up to 32GB of storage. Elsewhere you’ll see favourites like 7.2Mbit HSDPA, aGPS, native DivX video playback and a ‘3D UI’ which will be in similar vein to the interface seen on the Arena.

Other factors worth noting for you Lycra fans out there (yes, I’m sure there are more than you’d care to admit) is the slim 12.4mm thick depth and a weight of just 102g making it easily the slimmest and most portable 8MP handset to date.

“In the past, camera phones have been primarily concerned with the specs and number of megapixels, not about the pleasure of actually taking great pictures,” said LG CEO Dr. Skott Ahn. “Viewty Smart changes everything, providing the user with pictures that look exactly like what they see. It is the most advanced 8 megapixel camera phone on the market not only because of it high quality specs, but because of the unparalleled user experience it delivers.”

Let’s hope Dr Ahn is correct, though I’m not overly convinced I want my eight megapixel shots to look like 800 x 400 pixel 3in images. Yes, obtuse alert. I’m also not the greatest fan of the 3D UI seen in the Arena, but nevertheless there’s no denying the Viewty Smart looks one heck of an attractive package. Expect the networks to also treat this well.

”’In related news”’ LG also confirmed that the original Viewty has now sold 7m units. That’s a remarkable number for what was an impressive handset, even if (s)no-one(/s) few liked the UI. Kudos guys.

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